• MWOSD GUI Configurator

The MWOSD GUI configurator is software available to provide a simple to use interface for configuration of MWOSD settings, amend screen display layouts and provide an easier upload of MWOSD firmware.

NOTE: If you have already purchased chrome GUI - you do not need to purchase again.

NOTE: 1.7 / 1.8 and 1.9 keys are the same - you do not need to purchase again.

Key features:

Configurator available for PC, MAC and linux

Firmware flash direct for GUI configurator – no more Arduino is required

Simulated GUI layout (approximation only for configuring screen layout)

Emulator – test and display live output from GUI (MultiWii derived FC only supported)

Backup / restore settings

Multiple fonts supported

Included with purchase:

Email with instructions within 24 hours if paying in GBP. It is normally with 30 minutes. Other currencies may take longer than 24 hours due to paypal terms

Activation licence key valid for current release registered to your email address

Licence is valid for minor changes e.g. 1.7.1>1.7.2 

A new licence purchase may be required for future major release versions dependent upon Open Source MWOSD changes

Support or Contact

Support for MWOSD comes from the growing community of users and supporters. 

Their feedback and assistance is recognised and essential to the success of MWOSD.

Before calling on their support, please help yourself and check the documentation first:

MWOSD GUI User Guide 1.8

MWOSD GUI User Guide 1.7



If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please raise your issue at the FPV lab community support for community based support.


Product documentation is here: MWOSD GUI User Guide 1.8

Product documentation is here: MWOSD GUI User Guide 1.7

MWOSD information is here: MWOSD website


GUI firmware can be downloaded from here: MWOSD GUI software

Product notes

This product is intended for DIY use

A level of technical expertise is required to assemble, install, configure and use

This is not a plug and play product

No liabilities are assumed for its use, suitability of application or any consequence from its use of failure

Not included

Any hardware

Any technical support

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MWOSD GUI Configurator

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