• VirtualPilot Sentinel Antenna Tracker kit

A new approach to bring low cost antenna tracking to standard analogue flight controllers used for iNav and Betaflight without the need for any additional hardware on the aircraft.

It also supports all other FC’s that use minim hardware with MWOSD 2.0.

We have been flying with this tracking method for a couple of years as a side project and the design has now evolved to the point of exceeding the performance of other commercial trackers we were using so have decided to release it as a kit for those who are interested and also have access to 3D printing facilities.

*** This is a kit only - you will need to provide your own 3D printed case ***

Key points:

  • Low cost DIY antenna tracker
  • No extra hardware required each aircraft 
  • Does not require bluetooth or wifi modules on RC transmitter
  • Simple and reliable tracking
  • Ultra-fast position updating – up to 30 hz

Supported GPS enabled flight control systems (running versions with video telemetry enabled):

  • iNav – all max7456 compatible FC
  • Betaflight – all max7456 compatible FC
  • Ardupilot / PX4 /KISS / MULTIWII and other FC using external minim OSD running MWOSD
  • GPS standalone OSD using MWOSD on minim hardware


Works with standard FC boards running 7456 OSD IC and running iNav or Betaflight

  • FC only requires updated firmware to support tracking
  • No additional hardware required

Does not require Bluetooth / Wifi modules or adapters.

  • Not impacted by 2.4G RC tx
  • Not impacted by 2.4G Video tx
  • Does not impact 2.4G RC rx.

Does not require modules on each aircraft

  • Significant cost saving. No additional expense for adding extra aircraft
  • No additional weight
  • Reduces wiring, complexity and failure points

Does not require telemetry feed from aircraft via RC transmitter

  • Supports all RC TX links. No limitations

Supports all RC TX 

  • Supports all RC TX. Not limited to OpenTX etc
  • Supports all RC link types. Not limited to specific RC TX modules such as Crossfire etc

Fast position tracking updates.

  • Tracking data update refresh rates of 25-30hz

Wifi enabled:

  • Fully embedded GUI for configuring
  • No additional hardware or software required 
  • Configure the AAT from PC or mobile device browser
  • OTA - Over The Air software updates 
  • Wifi auto disables in flight for full compatibility with 2.4G video users


  • Two video outputs – one RCA, One 4 pole Fatshark compatible
  • Low battery physical alarm
  • Loss of telemetry alarm
  • OLED support to view battery voltage etc.
  • Design optimised for maximum performance at lowest signal strength
  • Single channel audio output via Fatshark compatible connector
  • Support for digital: If / when this becomes a reality, this is possible with a SW update to drive tracker using WiFi connectivity 

Kit contents:

  • Everything necessary to connect to FPV goggles except Battery, RX and antenna
  • Tracker PCB
  • Servos
  • Components to complete PCB – connectors, LED, buzzer etc.
  • Fixings to assemble 3D parts - bearings, screws, bolts etc. 
  • Video output cable – suitable for Fatshark 4 pole goggles
  • XT60 power cables
  • Servo cables for RX etc.
  • Two video outputs – one RCA, One 4 pole Fatshark compatible

3D print components

  • Easy print design
  • STL files available for download
  • Source files available
  • Generated in FREE Google SketchUp for free and easy modifications

So why another tracker?

We have been using various antenna trackers for over 10 years – audio , video and via TX telemetry. Audio and video trackers have performed well, but the on board hardware get expensive for large fleets and price becomes a factor. With recent developments, trackers using telemetry via TX and Bluetooth have become a reality. 

Initially the RC telemetry seemed the perfect solution, but we were disappointed with the reliability. The loss of tracking from dropped connections and flying with others using 2.4G for video or RC control became both frustrating and unacceptable. 

We had an idea of a solution for standard FC that could address both these issues and put together a  proof of concept design for testing. This far exceeded our expectations and after flying with it for a couple of years we have decided to release it as a kit for the FPV community. 


  • Let’s be open – there are the downsides to every solution. Here are the key ones for this :
  • Tracking data sent in first line of video signal – not usually displayed in Goggles or on FPV monitor
  • Tracking data may be recorded by some DVR
  • The first row of OSD display becomes unavailable for OSD. However, this row is not usually fully visible.
  • This does not use tracker GPS location – so cannot be used in a moving vehicle
  • Not currently available as a fully assembled unit.
  • Requires supply of your own 3D printed case.

Comprehensive documentation

Assembly manual – https://github.com/aat-sentinel/Documentation/blob/main/README.md

User guide – https://github.com/aat-sentinel/Documentation/blob/main/README.md

iNav software repository – https://github.com/aat-sentinel/iNav

STL and source CAD files repository – https://github.com/aat-sentinel/AAT-lite-hardware

Video describing the AAT:


Video showing assembly of the kit:


Video showing an example flight from one of the testers:


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VirtualPilot Sentinel Antenna Tracker kit

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