• VirtualPilot AEROMAX OSD

The AEROMAX is a MINIM compatible multi-function OSD built to a spec from the team behind MWOSD.

As a direct result of feedback from issues with overheating, reliability and noisy images on the genuine and MinimOSD clones in popular use, they worked with one of the best suppliers in china to produce a new  design to not only significantly reduce these issue, but also to provide additional hardware support and expansion growth for the future.

Recommended for use with BETAFLIGHT / CLEANFLIGHT / RACEFLIGHT and PIXhawk/APM

There are many MinimOSD style clones out there – so why buy this one. What makes it worth the extra. Check out why:

Key features:

  • It’s from the guys at MWOSD – probably the most popular OSD firmware in the world today
  • Far superior noise resistance from power fluctuations
  • Uses the newest AB7456 chip – generates far less heat and uses far less power than MAX7456 based clones
  • Works down to less than 4v – VERY resilient to voltage fluctuations unlike normal MinimOSD clones which lock up
  • Flat bottom form factor for easy mounting – Just some thick double sided tape
  • Standard 0.1” servo pins – Easy and simple to connect
  • Gold plated pin via – higher quality
  • Extra hardware support - protect your investment in the future
  • Direct hardware support for non-standard  FRSKY RSSI such as d4R-ii

Hardware Features:

  • Updated MAX7456 compatible on-screen display IC
  • Flicker free screen updates
  • All the same features as the original – and more – and in a smaller package
  • 35mm x 20mm size!
  • 5V DC Supply that can tolerate up to 35v
  • Regulated and filtered supply – less probability of display noise from power
  • FTDI cable compatible pinout
  • Two LED indicators
  • Arduino bootloader – you can update this unlike some clones
  • Supports direct monitoring of 2 batteries up to 6s without modification. 
  • Supports current sensor
  • Supports Analog or Digital PWM RSSI signal. Also FRSKY D4R-ii - unlike clones
  • Powered by Atmega 328P 16Mhz processor
  • 3 wire camera / VTX connections – option to pass through power

Additional support for GPS OSD and DJI NAZA users:

  • Hardware reset input
  • Additional PWM input – use screen switching / PPM and RSSI simultaneously
  • Additional analogue input – connect up additional sensors
  • I2C connection – for future expansion

Supported firmware

The recommended software for this OSD is MWOSD – www.mwosd.com which provides support for the following:

  • iNAV
  • KISS
  • PX4
  • dRonin
  • Traditional GPS OSD 

MWOSD Features supported

  • Voltage - main battery and secondary
  • Current – Amps and maH
  • RSSI
  • Warning status indicators – battery
  • Flight and Activity timer
  • GPS Altitude
  • GPS Distance from home
  • GPS speed
  • GPS satellite indicator
  • GPS direction to home indicator
  • GPS heading
  • Magnetic heading
  • Barometric altitude
  • Barometric or GPS vario
  • Artificial horizon
  • FC status indicator
  • Sensors active indicator

This product includes:

  • AEROMAX PCB - bare baord.
  • Straight PCB pins for self assembly. 

This product excludes:

  • FTDI programmer and cables
  • Connection wires
  • Angled PCB pins


  • This product is intended for DIY use
  • A level of technical expertise is required to assemble, install, configure and use
  • This is not a plug and play product
  • Soldering may be required
  • Not all cameras are compatible with OSD’s - check for suitability
  • No liabilities are assumed for its use, suitability of application or any consequence from its use of failure


Product documentation is here:


Product firmware is here:

MWOSD website



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VirtualPilot AEROMAX OSD

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